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So I guess here's some space to introduce myself and the label to the world. My name is Maz, I'm a mid-twenty teenager and I live in Dortmund, Germany. Besides the label I'm active or not active any longer in bands like Mann kackt sich in die Hose, NXD, Die Eule Im Bart Des Judas, The Omnipresent Disease and some more smaller projects with my best friends. Right now I'm working as a freelance graphic-designer while cuddling with my cats. That's pretty much all you need to know about me.

Spastic Fantastic Records was born in 2007 while searching for a label for my first band The Omnipresent Disease. Noone really cared about giving us some spare money for a release, so I decided to start my own label out of my childs room. Since then things got bigger, we (I'll carry on using the plural, cause it sounds nicer) are able to give more money in certain projects than at the beginning and we can profit from a big community of labels, distros, bands, fanzines and everything related. That makes things way more easier. Since 2007 we have released more than 60 releases with Spastic Fantastic Records and several tape releases through our sub-label named Yakuzzi Tapes.

Spastic Fantastic Records has always been and will always be a DIY punk label, distro and mailorder to spread the idea of music, art and feelings in a non-commercial way. We perceive ourselves as an open minded, violence free, anti fascist, pro gay and left wing family based on fun, passion and joy.

The Spastic Fantastic Distro carries a bunch of tape and vinyl releases from friends and bands, we like - all over the world. That means, we won't carry much major, indie-shit, metal or modern hardcore outputs. Cause we hate it. Same for CDs or iTunes digital blah. Makes no sense cause it's crap.


5 euros for a 7''? 12 for a LP? What's wrong with you guys?
We try to keep prices low, but everything gets more expensive. Depending on pressing amounts, packaging, colors (and for distro-items shipping and wholesale costs) we just try to cover the costs and keep some pennies for the next releases.

My band "Fliesentisch" is looking for a label to (co-)release our first EP "Drehtabak". Can you help?
We are focusing on releasing bands we like and know. If you think it might fit just send us a demo, but to be honest-the odds are bad.

I want to hear the new Max Herre release in my car. Where can I get the mp3s?
We are running a bandcamp site where you can download everything we released thats not brand-new for a few euros or even for free. Pay if you want!

Your artworks look pretty nice, we want that to for my new band "Unfassbare Verbrechen in China".
Most of the record-artworks are made by the bands itself or friends of em - I try to add every artist to the linklist on this site. Besides, I'm doing some stuff on my own e.g. the NXD - Fickt Euch Alle 12'' Mann kackt sich in die Hose - Karibik 12'' or the Snob Value - Whiteout 12''. If you like this style, we can work something out. Just contact me.

Which pressing plants do you use?
Depending on format and time we work together with handle with care, Duophonic, my45, R.A.N.D. and amei.se. All indepent pressing plants managed by punks. Just google them and say "hello" from Spastic.

What does "Spastic Fantastic" mean?
It's a song by one of my favourite bands, The Italian Stallion. It sounded nice. Nothing more, nothing less. Some kids had problems wearing a SFR shirt somewhere in clubs or venues, when people imputed them to make fun of handicapped people, whats totally bullshit for sure.

Where can I get your records?
As you may know we are running a online-distro with around 500 items. Vinyl, tapes, shirts. Punk, Thrash, Trash, Garage, Hardcore. If you don't wanna waste time here you can check out the linklist on this website. Douzands of distros carry SFR-shit. Besides, we have records with us on several shows e.g. the upcoming Mann kackt sich in die Hose shows or you can ring on my doorbell to get the latest premium punk releases, while having a talk, a cigarette and a coffee. Just write me a message.

I'm also doing a small distro and want to carry some SFR releases
We have a wholesale list for smaller distros that want to take minimum 5 copies of a release for special rates. Contact us and we'll send you informations about it.