SFR-15 Henry Fonda - st 7''

Berlins Scenester Slaying Powerviolence Attack with its first release on wonderful one sided wax! Beware, this is highly cruel hardcore punk paired with chaotic riffs, monsterblasting drum attacks and spazztic vocals! Recommend for fans of Spazz, Charles Bronson and stuff! Hail Satan!

Released: May 2010

Pressing Info:
1st press:
300 on black and pink wax SOLD OUT
50 Nerdcore editions SOLD OUT
- 25 pink with 2c screenprint
- 25 transparent with 4c screenprint

2nd press:
50 Nerdcore Editions SOLD OUT
- 25 copies on clear green w/ silver silkscreenprinted B-Side + silkscreened B-side labels
- 20 copies on anthracite w/ red silkscreenprinted B-Side
- 5 copies on dark green w/ golden silkscreenprinted B-Side
- Chain Of Strength ripp off and handscreened and -cutted cover ltd to 50 copies
sold out
??? more regular editions SOLD OUT

Involved Labels: Spastic Fantastic Records, Epileptic Media, Nerdcore, Power Negi Records, Eatshitbuydie Distro, Toxic Kids, Derry Air Records, Gafas Del Rigor, Kalt Am Kopf Records, Nerdcore

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